L147.A-04.03 – Wheel Bolt Replacement – 2002-2003 Lamborghini Murciélago


To: All Lamborghini Dealers and Service Points
Dealer Principal and Service Manager 
From: After Sales Department
Pg: 3
Subject: Service Campaign ref.: L147.A-04.03
Wheel Bolt Replacement
Date: 22.12.2003


Dear Lamborghini Dealer,

Service Campaigns are meant to maintain a high quality level of the product.

Therefore, we have enclosed the necessary instructions in order to carry out the above mentioned Service Campaign.

Please perform the indicated operations whenever one of vehicles listed below  is at your dealership for service.



Wheel bolts may develop a surface discoloration.


Vehicles involved:

Lamborghini Murciélago L147

  • MY02 from VIN ZA9BC10__2LA12026 to VIN ZA9BC10__2LA12331
  • MY03 from VIN ZA9BC10__3LA12332 to VIN ZA9BC10__3LA12609
  • MY03 from VIN ZHWBE16__3LA00610 to VIN ZHWBE16__3LA00790


Technical information:

The action refers to Murciélago having the chassis numbers listed above.



Replacement of the wheel bolts as explained in the attached procedure: L147.A04.03.procedure.


Network information:

All Authorized Lamborghini Dealers will be informed of this action.


Parts for vehicle :

PN 0052003030 Wheel Bolts 20 Each.


Parts supply:

Lamborghini will send an initial supply to all authorized dealers. Additional parts can be requested utilizing normal spare parts ordering procedures.





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