L824.B.01.07 – Oil Level Dipstick & Sticker – 2007 Lamborghini Murciélago

L824.B.01.07 -USA-

L824.B.01.07 -Europe and ROW-

To All Lamborghini Dealers and Licensed Service Point
From Customer Service Department
Subject Oil level dipstick & sticker
Group LB824.01.17
Date 20/07/2007
Pages 6



New oil level dipstick & sticker


Model / VIN-Range

MY 07 Murciélago LP640 (Coupè and Roadster) from VIN B71805 to VIN B72615.

Attention: As not all cars from this VIN range are affected, please carefully check on the Lamborghini Web-portal to verify the VIN-Info and if the car is affected by this service campaign before the start of any activity.


Information to the field

We found that the oil checking level for Murciélago LP640 is not easily repeatable and it is possible that the level seems lower than in reality during the PDI inspection.

To avoid unnecessary oil adding that could also damage the catalyst system please use the attached new procedure for the oil level checking and replace the old oil level dipstick with the new one.


Field solution

Every dealer should order to the spare parts department the new rework kit that contains the oil level dipstick, the new sticker for the engine compartment and the corrective page for the owner’s manual.


Spare Parts

Is necessary one repair kit per car. The oil level dipstick is different between Roadster and Coupè, the two kit are:

– 0R1470056 Murciélago Roadster
– 0R1470055 Murciélago Coupè


The order must be sent with the indication of the car VIN using RIU procedure (urgent parts ordering).








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