L824-A.01.11 – Engine Hood Glasses Replacement – 2010 Lamborghini Murcièlago


To All Authorized Lamborghini Dealers and Service Centres
From Customer Service Department
Subject Engine Hood Glasses Replacement.
Group 8.27.00
Date 04/02/2011
Pages 9



Replacement of engine hood glasses



All Murcièlago SV models, MY 2010, from VIN ALA03490 to ALA03969

Warning: some vehicles included in this VIN range may not be involved, so check carefully on the Lamborghini WEB Portal ( at the section named VIN Info or Warranties) if the cars in your workshop or in your dealer stock are involved before performing any other operation.


Information for the field

As a result of our ongoing product monitoring program, Automobili Lamborghini Spa has found that the engine hood glasses on Murcièlago SV models may be easily scratched.


Solution for the field

Replacement of engine hood glasses


Spare parts:

For every replacement, orders the following kits:

P/N Description Q
0R1470202 Engine hood glasses kit:

– Hexagon shaped glass panes
– Glazing strips – 6 m.(=19.7 ft.)
– Betaseal (1965) – 1
– Applicator – 3
– 3m scotch-brite pads-red (07447) – 3

0R1470203 Adhesive Kit:

– Betaprime (5404) – 1
– ISP-Isoprapanol (1510) – 1
– Terostat (8521) – 1



How to handle the replaced parts

The glass panes that have been replaced must be stored with care.  Each glass must be accompanied by its relative identification tag.

The parts can be scrapped only upon approval by the Service Area Manager in charge.


L824.A.01.11_vetri-cofano_posteriore_SV_EN_02 02 2011



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