L140-A.03.07 L715-A.03.07 – Rear Drive Shafts – 2007 Lamborghini Gallardo



-Europe and ROW-

To All USA Lamborghini Dealers and Licensed Service Point
From Customer Service Department
Subject Rear drive shafts
Group 140.3.07
Date 21.05.2007
Pages 6



Rear drive shafts


Model / VIN-Range

Gallardo (Coupè and Spyder) from VIN 4460 to VIN 5690

Attention: As not all cars from this VIN range are affected, please carefully check on the Lamborghini Web-portal to verify the VIN-Info and if the car is affected by this service campaign before the start of any activity.


Information to the field / Customer notification

A change in the production procedure has caused in single cars a reduced tightening torque at the bolts in the rear differential drive shafts. This could cause noise while driving.

In case you have an involved vehicle in the workshop Lamborghini recommends to perform this rework action for the rear shafts.

To avoid future customer complaint each dealer has to contact his customers to perform the service campaign.

This rework action must be also performed on all cars in your stock immediately.


Field solution

Follow the workshop instruction in this document for the bolts replacement.


Spare Parts

One repair kit per car is necessary, code 0R1400150 available on spare parts catalogue.

The order must be sent with the car VIN using RIU procedure (urgent order). All the replaced parts have to be scrapped at the dealership.


Additional material

50 ml of oil of one of the following type:
– Agip Sint 2000 Evolution SAE 5W/40
– Agip TecSint
– Castrol TXT Softec SAE 5W/40




-Europe and ROW-



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