L714-R.06.12 – Power Steering Update – 2005-2006 Lamborghini Gallardo


To All Lamborghini Dealers and Licensed Service Point
From After Sales Department
Subject Power Steering Update
Group 10.02.00
Date 07/09/2012
Pages 12



Power steering update.



  1. Gallardo Coupè e Spyder right hand model year 2005 with lifting system from Vin 5LA02321 to 5LA02657.
  2. Gallardo Coupè e Spyder right hand drive model year 2006 until Vin 6LA3976.

Warning: some vehicles included in this VIN range may not be affected, so check carefully on the Lamborghini WEB Portal ( at the section named VIN Info) if the cars in your workshop or in your eventual stock are effectively affected before performing any other operation.


Information to the field

As a continuous product monitoring, Automobili Lamborghini Spa has found that in rare case of persistent severe load conditions and mechanical stress, due to fluid pressure into the power steering system, a little hole might be developed in the pipe, which could result in a small fluid leakage.


Field solution

Update the power steering high pressure line.


Spare parts

P/N Description. Q
0R1400609 Kit idroguida nr.5:

1. Hose pump/Valve – 1
2. Plate – 1
3. Check valve – 1
4. Seal. 16×22 – 2
5. Sealing washer – 2
6. Hoding clip d1- 26.0×15 – 1
7. Clamp – 1
8. Clamp – 1
9. Clamp – 1



L71X-R.06.12 Power steering




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