L834-A.05.12 – Engine Crossbar Spacer Installation – 2012 Lamborghini Aventador


To All Lamborghini Dealers and Licensed Service Point.
From After Sales Department.
Subject Engine Crossbar Spacer Installation
Group 07.01.00
Date 27/07/12
Pages 5



Installation of engine crossbar.



Aventador LP 700 My 2012 from Vin CLA00091 to CLA00922

Warning: some vehicles included in this VIN range may not be affected, so check carefully on the Lamborghini WEB Portal (at the section named VIN Info) if the cars in your workshop or in your eventual stock are effectively affected before performing any other operation.


Information to the field

As a continuous product monitoring, Automobili Lamborghini Spa has found that in rare cases and under really extreme usage conditions a slight noise might be heard coming from engine bay.


Field solution

Install spacer on engine crossbar.


Spare parts

P/N Desc. Q
N10761201 –     Rubber spacer 2


L83X-A.05.12-Istallazione distanziali traversa motore ENG



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