– Knocking Noise form Torsion Bar Support – 2004 Lamborghini Gallardo

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Subject Knocking noise form the torsion bar support
Date 23.02.2005



Knocking noise from torsion bar support front and rear



Gallardo until VIN     ZHWG_11_ _4LA01398


Information to the field

In case of knocking noise coming from the bushing of the torsion bar please be informed on the following re-work solution.


Field solution

Replace the nylon bushes with  new style rubber bushes; it is also requested the replacement of the aluminium brackets with the new ones available at our Spare Parts Dept. . Both front  and rear sway bar units remain the ones fitted in the car.  See instruction.



You will need:

Front axle: Rubber bushes (quantity  2 pcs) – 400411324C
Front axle: Aluminium Brackets (quantity  2 pcs) – p/n 400411031G
Rear axle: Rubber bushes (quantity  2 pcs) – p/n 400511324C
Rear axle: Aluminium Brackets (quantity  2 pcs) – p/n 400411031H


Operation: Replace nylon bushes with rubber bushes; replace aluminium brackets with new available brackets to avoid knocking noise from the torsion bar.



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