– Ground Clearance Adjustment – 2005 Lamborghini Murciélago

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Subject Ground clearance adjustment
Date 04.03.2005



Ground clearance adjustment



Murciélago and Murciélago Roadster



New measures of the ground clearance of the car



A) Preliminary operation

  1. Take all the work precaution before going on with the following steps.
  2. The car must be complete with all components: mechanics, body, interior and external whose lack might cause weight variation of the car.
  3. Remind to remove from the vehicle each single item not included in the equipment that can increase the weight as luggage or any other personnel belongings.
  4. Fuel tank must be full.
  5. Place the vehicle on a lift.


B) Operation 

  1. Check if all the tire specifications are correct (pressure, total wheel alignment – see the following template).
  2. Check if the ground clearance is correct for all the four sides of the vehicle (see the following template and photos showing just two of the four measurement points).
  3. Remember that the error margin must be the same for every axel.
  4. The difference height between front and rear axles must be –11mm.
  5. For example: If you measure Front 152 mm, the measure Rear must be 141 mm without any error margin
  6. If not correct, make the changes in accordingly to the enclosed specifications.
  7. If you need to adjust the ground clearance, you are requested to operate on the ring nuts of the spring shock absorbers.
  8. The same operation you may execute in case of changing the shock absorbers.



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