– Interference Between Brake Disk Air Tube and Steering Rack – 2005 Lamborghini Murciélago

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Subject Interference between brake disk air tube and steering rack
Date 04.03.2005



New routing of the front brake disk ventilation tubes



Murciélago and Murciélago Roadster until VIN LA01448


Information to the field

In case of race track use or vehicle heavy duties we have noticed a possible interference between the brake disc ventilation tube and the steering rack.

Lamborghini recommends to carry out this upgrade aiming to extend the life of these components.

The operation reported in the following instructions is not warrantable.


Field solution

New routing and clamping of the front brake ventilation tubes



You will need:

Clamp p/n 400611778 – 4 pieces
Rubber Sleeve  p/n 410616713  – 2 pieces



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