L140-A.05.05 – Engine Oil Level Sticker – 2006 Lamborghini Gallardo


To All Lamborghini Dealers and Licensed Service Point
From Customer Service Department
Subject Service Campaign – Engine oil level sticker
Date 31.08.2005
Pages 3 + 1



Application of  engine oil level sticker


Model / VIN-Range

Gallardo models until VIN ZHWG_12__6LA02658


Information to the field

In case you have a vehicle in the workshop Lamborghini recommends to apply a new engine oil sticker.

This modification must be performed on all cars involved at the next service.

Important remark: the oil checking procedure described on the sticker supersedes the one described in Gallardo MY 04 web workshop manual.

For a complete description of the new oil checking procedure see the enclosed page.


Field solution

Application of  engine oil level sticker


Spare Parts 

1 engine oil level sticker – p/n 07M115562 – available at the Lamborghini warehouse.

Each dealer will receive 20 stickers with the next spare parts delivery.



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