Sticker for the Oil Level E-Gear and New Level Check – 2002-2010 Lamborghini Murciélago & 2004-2014 Lamborghini Gallardo

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Subject Technical Information ref.: Ct.26.04
Sticker for the oil level e-gear and new level check
Date 06.12.2004



Sticker for the oil level e-gear  and new level check procedure



All Murciélago e-gear
All Gallardo e-gear


Information to the field

Check all cars that come into the workshop if they have the label. Attached you can also find the schedule of the up dated work instruction for the oil level check


Field solution

Put the sticker on the oil canister of the e-gear, see position on pag.2 and 3


Factory solution

All MY05 cars have the sticker



All dealers will receive 10 pieces, if you need some more you can order them at spare parts department p/n 086 010 530



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