DBW Throttle Body Cleaning – 2002-2003 Lamborghini Murciélago

To  all Lamborghini Dealers
From Direzione Commerciale: After Sales – Spare Parts
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Subject Technical information ref.07.02: DBW throttle body cleaning
Model: Murciélago MY02- MY03
Date 18th.02.2002


Dear  sirs,

we have found in some vehicles an excessive impurity store in the DBW throttle body due to pollution or others particles.

To guarantee an engine regular working it is necessary to check the DBW condition at each coupon carrying out the following procedure :


  1. Turn the key to the position off in the ignition switch and disconnect the battery.
  2. Disassemble the manifolds connecting the DBW to the filter case.
  3. Open slightly the throttle by a finger checking the presence of impurities.
  4. Clean the throttle surface and the surrounding areas by a proper detergent spray (every specific product commonly sold is suitable for this purpose) following its specific instructions and remove it by a cloth.
  5. Repeat the operation until the interested areas are completely cleaned
  6. Carried out this operation for each DBW throttle body.
  7. Refit the manifolds previously disassembled.
  8. Turn the engine on checking the idle, adjust it only if it is necessary following the procedure specified in the workshop manual.



Furthermore we specify that the DBW dirty conditions have no consequences on the exhaust emissions but only on the engine performance.



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